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Our History

In 1947 a few members of the Church of Christ began to meet in Olive Ritter’s home.  Soon they grew out of her home and moved into the “Big House” on Sunday afternoon.  This was a hall used for a variety of purposes.  But it was soon torn down.  So, the small group began to meet in the community chapel on Sunday afternoons.  At this time, Los Alamos was a “closed community” much like a military base.  A preacher would come up from Santa Fe on Sundays to preach. 

Towards the end of 1947 the congregation moved to Canyon School and worshipped there until 1951.  Brother Nunn was the first fulltime minister to work with the church.  Other ministers during this time included J.D. Taylor, Elbert Barnhart and Luther Norman.  The congregation grew to about 60 members.  There was a constant turnover of people.  The congregation moved in 1951 from the school to an old barracks on 19th and Nectar, where it stayed until it moved to the present site. 

The building on our present site was just a shell that had been vandalized. The windows and doors were boarded up.  In the fall and winter of 1956 the building was refurbished. A concrete floor was poured.  Heating, plumbing and lights were upgraded.  A baptistery was installed and 3 classrooms were built.  The “new” building was opened in the spring of 1957.  T.A. Grice was the preacher.  He served until 1960.  Rene Woody and Max Love preached here until about 1965.

At that time the average age of the entire community was 29 so there were lots of kids around and very few classrooms.  So, in 1962 an annex building was purchased and moved into position behind the building.  In 1965 Don Fair became the local minister and under his direction the congregation was able to use the extra classrooms for its first Vacation Bible School!  In 1967 the congregation went into debt to build the present parsonage for the Fair family.  They borrowed a mind boggling $29,000. 

As the congregation continued to grow there was need for more space.  In the 1969 the existing building was demolished.  The annex was moved to the Albuquerque Children's Home.  The church met at Aspen school during the construction.  The foundation was extended and a prefabricated steel building was chosen for practicality over aesthetics.  The "new" building opened in January of 1970.  This is our current building.

In 1976 JB Harrington came to work with the congregation.  The congregation’s kids became teenagers.  So, Larry Posten was hired as the first youth minister in 1983.  Since then the congregation has had additional fulltime youth ministers; Marty Chamberlain, Tim Stidham, Wade Spaulding and Deanna Cromwell and Tony Stidham.  Tim came as youth minister in 1987 and moved to preacher in 1992.  He still serves as the preacher.

In 1998 the auditorium floor was leveled.  The pews were donated to several other churches throughout New Mexico.  The auditorium was turned "sideways" to have a more family atmosphere and create a multi-purpose room.

In 1997 a group of about 10 families became dissatisfied with the direction of the congregation; specifically allowing women to participate in the worship service.  They started a new congregation; the Pajarito Church of Christ which meets in White Rock.

Recently, the congregation has focused on being a place where everyone is encouraged to use their gifts for the glory of God.  They believe in the priesthood of all believers. They believe they are all called to be servants.  They believe the church should be a place where people develop close, loving, helpful relationships.

The congregation has changed over the years, but has continued to serve the Lord for over 70 years in Los Alamos!


Los Alamos Church of Christ - 2323 Diamond Drive - Los Alamos, NM 87544 -
(505) 663.7755