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Everyone is Welcome!

Here is what to expect in our worship:

If you have not worshipped with us before, here is some information to familiarize you with our service. Our style of worship is simple. It typically lasts a little over an hour. Feel free to sit anywhere; there are no reserved seats.

The Singing. You will notice that our worship in song is without instrumental accompaniment.  We believe a cappella congregational singing enhances our personal involvement in the worship and allows each of us to personally connect our hearts to God. The words to the song will be projected on the wall. The number beside the title corresponds to the song in the song book. We love to sing to our God and we believe this is a special kind of worship.

Praise Time and Elders Prayer. Each week we share with each other answers to prayers or blessings God has given us. We also share prayer requests for the Elders Prayer. You are welcome to share during these times. Just raise your hand and a microphone will be brought to you.

The Lord's Supper (Communion). We observe the Lord's Supper every Sunday. First, we pass around a plate of crackers, break off a small piece, and eat it. Pass the plate on to someone sitting near you. Then, we pass around small cups of grape juice. We drink the juice, put the cup back in the tray, and pass it on. As we eat the cracker and drink the juice, we remember the death of Jesus on the cross and renew our commitment to Him. We practice open communion. If you are a guest, you are welcome to celebrate with us.

The Offering. Every Sunday we provide an opportunity for our members to make a financial gift. These contributions support our ministries. As our guest your presence is all the contribution we expect.  We want to teach our children to be givers, so they collect the contribution and place it in the box at the front.  If you would like to make an offering just hand it to a child, they will know what to do with it.

Kid Kare. Preschool children are invited to a special time just for them. This typically begins after the kids have helped with the Offering and continues until the end of the service.  Just follow the other kids to their classroom.

The Sermon. The sermon, which usually lasts about 25 minutes, is the time when the good news of God's love and Jesus' life is proclaimed and applied to our lives today.  We hope you will find it encouraging, relevant and Bible-based.

Roles of Service in the Assembly. Service in worship is not limited to those formally recognized as ministers or elders. We believe in the priesthood of all believers. You will see Christian men and women from various walks of life taking active roles such as reading Scripture, preparing us for communion, and participating in prayers. 


Los Alamos Church of Christ - 2323 Diamond Drive - Los Alamos, New Mexico - 87544 - (505) 663.7755